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over the 30-Year life of the mortgage.

The above information is based on a 5 year term, semi-annual compounding and monthly payments. APR assumes no fee(s) apply. Should any fee(s) apply the APR would increase.
The above information is believed to be correct but is not guaranteed and therefore should not be relied on without verification.
Note: Use of this calculator is at your own risk. Sutton Member Program expressly disclaims any and all liability or warranty, expressed or implied.

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*Rates shown available O.A.C. as at February 8, 2011. The 1 yr Variable/Closed rate is Prime - 0.90% = 2.10%, 3 yr Variable/Closed rate is Prime - 0.94% = 2.06%, and 5 yr Variable/Closed rate is Prime - 0.90% = 2.10%. All variable rates based on the current Prime rate of 3.00%. Rates are calculated semi-annually and not in advance. Terms and conditions apply. BC & ON only. Mortgages processed by Finder Financial Services Ltd. FSCO 10245. Property must be closing within 45 days to be eligible for the Quick Close rate. Certain rates are applicable to purchases only. Available only to members who purchase a home through a Sutton agent registered with the Sutton Member Program (SMP) except for refinance in which case the individual must be referred by a realtor member of SMP. Applicable mortgages only and subject to Finder Financial Services Ltd. lending criteria for residential properties. Finder Financial Services Ltd. reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time.